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Sale & Service

By the end of 2010,Haikou Base owns 350 4S shops, and has built the 4S marketing system featured by high brand loyalty, excellent competitiveness and great profitability. It is expected that by 2015, Haikou base will build over 500 4S shops that can support its plan of producing and selling 300,000 units of vehicles.

Now, Haima Zhengzhou Base will build 1,000 service outlets and 1,000 sales outlets in China and expand to the 3rd or even 4th-rank markets. In this way, the service radius will be greatly shortened to ensure timely and express service for the users.

By the end of 2012, Haima has initially established its overseas marketing network and international brand image by extensively launching partnership with agents in over 18 countries in the Middle East, Middle and South America, East Europe, Africa and Asia,where vehicles had been exported.