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Engine Manufacture

Engine Production Profile

Two engine factories, one in Haikou, another in Zhengzhou.
Capacity: annual output of 300,000 and 1,000,000 engines respectively in 2015.
Products: FP (1.6L-2.0L), E(1.3L-1.5L) and S(1.0L-1.2L) engine ;
The volume power and emissions of Haima engines have reached the national technical standards ahead of schedule. Furthermore, its turbine charger and GDI technologies, etc., will soon be applied successively according to market demands.

Engine Production Line

The 3 machining lines are flexible line mainly purchased from world most advanced machining centers such as HELLER, COMAU etc.

The assembly line is an advanced one with strict quality control. And a full automatic hot test line tests every engine to insure high quality.

There are several types of engine under production. The following are the technical parameters of brand new engines.