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    • Body design

      M3 boasts excellent and streamline body lines as well as mighty and muscular feeling.  

    • The flying wing type streamline headlamps

      The flying wing type  streamline headlamps perfectly match with front grille to visually expand the overall width, promote the quality feeling, and emerge the dynamic feeling. The scientific and reasonable lighting matching ensures the trouble-free driving safety. 

    • daytime runnng lights and fog lamps

      Daytime running lights (European regulation compliant) (Comfort Model)
      Front fog lamps (Elite Model and Comfort Model)

    • Appearance-side

      The wedge design conforms to aerodynamic principle and high waist line design features dynamics, fashion, and full lines to effectively guide the airflow to slide from two sides of the body and reduce the windage.


    • Excellent drag coefficient

      M3 has an excellent drag coefficient of 0.27. 

    • Antenna, wheel hub, door handle
      • Shark fin antenna
      • 10-spoke sporting wheel hub
      • Chrome-plated door handle


    • Brake lamps, tail lamps, rear lines

      LED brake lamps
      Diamond-cut tail lamps
      The rear lines are linked closely with the front and side lines of the overall vehicle, featuring smooth streamline, uniform style, and more neatness and fullness.


    • Dimensions

    • Headlamp

      4-level horizontal adjustment
      “follow me home” headlamp delay system

    • Instrument board

      Self-luminous barrel instrument board
      Chrome-plated shifting lever

    • Trunk

    • Front row space

    • Rear row space

      The design of 901mm rear row leg space can meet the space demand of different passengers.

    • Rear row space

      4:6 split backrest and folding seat cushion for Comfort Model

      Arched trunk baffle

    • Storage room

      Haima M3 totally includes 15 interior storages. The design of personalized storages by category exerts critical function for the interior cleanliness. 


    • Quiet space

      Engine hood sound insulation pad
      Thickened sound insulation carpet and sponge

      Haima M3 pays special attention to the quietness at the initial stage of design. The 5MM thick automotive sound insulation sponge is adopted in the front and rear doors, the 10MM thick sound insulation carpet is adopted on the bottom of the vehicle, and the automotive damping rubber is affixed on other parts (such as engine hood, chassis, and trunk) to reduce the vibration during the travelling of the vehicle, which is more effective to reduce the noise generated during the travelling.

    • Seat materials

      High grade fabric (Standard Model)
      Multiple breather holes super-fine synthetic leather (Other Models)

    • Steering wheel

      Multi-functional steering wheel (except Standard Model)
      Power steering

    • Air conditioner

      Large buttons + Large knobs + Large screen automatic air conditioner (with pollen filter)

    • Audio system-CD player & USB port

      Single-CD player
      USB 2.0 port (with MP3 function)

      The whole lineup is equipped with MP3 and USB port, featuring exquisite workmanship and elaborate design.


    • Audio system-speakers

      Full range 4-speaker for Standard Model and Elite Model
      Full range 6-speaker for Comfort Model

    • Windows and rearview mirrors

      4-door power windows
      One-touch window control switches with anti-clamp function on driver side for Comfort model.
      Electrically adjustable exterior rearview mirrors

    • Lamps & interior rearview mirror

      LED reading lamps
      Cosmetic mirror lamps for driver seat and front passenger seat (Except Standard Model)
      Manual anti-dazzling interior rearview mirror

    • Warning indicators

      Dual warning indicators for front doors

    • Ergonomic multi-angle door design

      Ergonomic multi-angle door design – 3-step hinges


    • Trunk
      • Electric trunk cover
      • Full size spare tire
      • Tire change tools
      • Warning triangle
      • Jack
    • Engine-overall


    • Engine lightweight design

      Timing chain features reliable operations. Total mass of engine is below 95Kg

    • VVT system

      The variable valve timing system (VVT) can adjust the amount of intake (exhaust) air and opening/closing time and angle of the valves depending on the running state of the engine, in order to achieve best intake air amount, promote the engine power per liter, and fuel utilization rate.


    • E-gas electronic throttle control system

      The E-gas electronic throttle control system can coordinate and reasonably manage the instant demands (such as acceleration overtaking and air conditioner) of all vehicle parts on the engine torque and output power, so that the engine is under best and most reasonable range under any time, location, and state


    • Oil-Air separation system

      The Oil-air separator is installed in the engine of Haima M3, which can condense the heavier oil grain on the walls and return to the oil pipe to prevent waste so that the oil carrying weight of the crankcase is below 1g/h.

    • China phase-5 emission standard

      The China phase-5 emission standard compliance is leading the vehicles of same segment and greatly promotes

      the energy-saving quality. As the leader of environment-friendly technology, the fuel consumption per 100km is only at 5.9L

      for Haima M3. Once added with 50L gasoline, Haima M3 can drive for 14km more than the competitors of same segment,

      showing the continual driving capacity of Haima M3.


    • Reliable Engine R&D and manufacturing technology

      Haima Auto boasts world's leading engine R&D and manufacturing capacity and introduced world's first-class flexible production lines for manufacturing, including German HELLER (engine manufacturing), Italian COMAU (automated production line), German JUNKER (grinding machines), of which the manufacturers also provided technical services for world's renowned automakers including Benz, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Skoda, and Fiat. In addition, the ECU engine immobilizer is equipped, featuring reliable quality and sophisticated technology.

    • Platform A

      The platform A is poured with Haima's latest technology, which is in the leading place in China, with the technical standard meeting international demands.

    • Limit test

      The vehicle tests covered 5 test grounds nationwide: All kinds of limit tests (high temperature and low temperature tests) were completed in the laboratories,including Shanghai Volkswagen test ground, FAW Changchun test ground, Dongfeng Xiangfan test ground, Hainan Qionghai test ground, and Heihe test ground.Haima M3 endured multiple actual road tests, including the heavy dust test in desert area, power performance and emission amount tests in high altitude area with thin air, the body and bottom anti-corrosion test in gravel, muddy, and acid rain areas, featuring reliable quality.



    • Chassis

      In combination with the demands in segment A car market and to better adapt to the city road conditions, Haima Auto extends the wheelbase to 2,600mm, the front wheel tread to 1,470mm, and rear wheel tread to 1,455mm. Through all-round and elaborate tuning by TOKICO, Haima M3 features excellent handling, without drifting during S-shaped driving at 120km/h, which exerts the accurate turning and power performance of M3.

    • McPherson independent front suspension

      Front suspension: Haima M3 adopts McPherson independent front suspension (with stabilizer bar) as well as 26mm ultra-large diameter body anti-roll bar to ensure sufficient lateral support of the overall vehicle so that the driver can control the steering with ease.

    • Front subframe

      Front subframe: The key for Haima M3 to achieve the best balance between handling and comfort is the adoption of the integrally stamped and welded subframe, which can reduce the road vibration from transmitting into the vehicle as well as promote the connecting rigidity of the suspension system. Therefore, the vehicle equipped with subframe features good shock absorption capacity, lower noise, comfortable driving and riding, and feeling of solid chassis during driving.

    • Rear suspension

      Rear suspension: The rear suspension of Haima m3 adopts H-shaped torsion beam type rear suspension (with stabilizer bar). This semi-independent suspension can effectively enhance the carrying capacity of the household car and feature the comfort of independent suspension. The stabilizer bar can realizes more stable body steering and stronger structural rigidity. The accurate tuning enables M3 to feature outstanding steering capacity at high speed S-shaped driving and more accurate steering return capacity.

    • Optimized shock absorption system

      Optimized shock absorption system: Haima M3 adopts air-charged shock absorbers to effectively promote the vehicle comfort and

      handling and achieve perfect balance between dynamics and comfort. This shock absorber is applied in many brands, including

      the renowned brands such as VW, BMW, and Benz, which proves the mature technology and reliable quality.


    • Tires

      15”10-spoke aluminum alloy sporting wheel hubs 
      185/60 sporting tires


    • ABS+EBD

    • Active head restraints


    • High strength steel 3D body structure

      High strength steel sheets are adopted to promote body strength by 19% against vehicles of same segment. Pillar B adopts 1.8mm thick steel sheets (600MPa) and side doors adopt 1,500MPa anti-collision steel beams. At the same time, the front longitudinal beams and inner panels of four doors adopt laser welding process. The front longitudinal beams, rear beams, and threshold beams adopt 1.8mm, 2.4mm, and 1.6mm steel sheets respectively, which are adopted only in B segment vehicles.

      Through numerous internal collision tests and repeated verifications, the scores exceeded the new C-NCAP 5-star standard, which can meet the high standard safety requirements.

    • Lightweight index

      Lightweight and high strength body advantage: The ultra-high strength steel and laser welding process are adopted for multiple portions of the body frame to reduce the body weight. The proportion of high strength steel hits 50% in the body.

    • Engine compartment

      The structure of engine compartment adopts large-face tubular beam design, which features more stable impact carrying capacity and stable and orderly energy absorption through collapse in event of frontal impact. Along with the optimized material, it can absorb the impact energy and protect the intactness of the engine compartment to the maximum extent.

    • Side body structure

      The design of side body structure matches with 4-door anti-collision steel beams to, in event of side impact, rapidly transmit the impact force to the energy absorption zone and relieve the pressure applied onto the impact zone, in order to protect the intactness of driver cab and passenger compartment.

    • Enhanced rear steel beams

            Design of enhanced rear steel beams:

      • The overall body features stronger rigidity and better intactness.
      • It can effectively prevent the excessive deformation of rear compartment and protect passengers.
      • It can protect the fuel tank and prevent the secondary explosion after fuel accident.
    • Fuel tank

      Unique fuel tank protection design


    • Air bags

      SRS front row dual airbags
      SRS side airbag (Elite Model)

    • Child safety

      Three-point child safety seat latch
      ISO child safety lock