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    • Exterior Rearview Mirrors

      ● Standard olecranal turn light

      ● Deluxe with Folding exterior rearview mirrors

      ● Stylish and dynamic modeling

      ● Striking light assuring security




    • Front face of S7 turbo-1.8 liter

      The front face of new S7 uses Diamond type air-inlet grill, chromium strip trim fog lights, profile raised design and new front bumper .


    • Back view of S7 with turbo 1. 8-liter marker
      New S7 uses turbo engine identity marker and new rear bumper.
    • Profile of S7 turbo 1.8-liter

      Changes of profile for New S7: Turbo engine version with new hub, new pedal and new luggage rack;



    • Powerful and energetic model-S7 turbo 1.8-liter
      Equipped with totally new straight-waterfall air inlet grill makes the front face of new Haima S7 deliver more powerful and stable, and meets the requirement of vibrant customers. The full and sports body line deliver both power and texture,  elegancy and stylish  model successfully build a image of urban extension.
    • Flying shaped central console
    • Design of front seats
    • Blue Background Light


    • NVH Improvement

      Cavity partition-stuffing to prevent noise

      16 cavity partitions and soundproof damping for all key parts (the green ones are cavity partitions, the red ones are soundproof damping).

      Soundproof damping for engine compartment and the front wall of driver compartment.

      Soundproof damping for the parts on the chassis which will cause noise easily.

    • Environment Protection Interior Material

      ● Two colored eco-friendly interior trim

      ● Seat trim, microfibre seats

      ● Plastic parts have passed SGS non-toxic certification

    • Technological Equipment – Steering Wheel Mounted Function Controls

      ● Steering wheel mounted function controls for all models.

      ● Leather-wrapped steering wheel.

      ● Steering wheel 4-way adjustable.

      ● GRA cruise control system for AT models.

      ● Bluetooth function for Elite and Deluxe model.


    • Technological Equipment – Keyless Access with Push-button Start

      ● Igniting without inserting the key.

      ● Keyless Access with Push-button Start



    • Comfortable Equipment – Seat Adjustment

      ● Driver seat 6-way manual adjuster for Comfort and Elite models.

      ● Heated driver seat with 8-way electric adjuster for Deluxe model.


    • Comfortable equipment – Air Conditioning

      ● Air conditioning with big button and knobs.

      ● Automatic climate control air conditioning for Deluxe model.


    • Comfortable Equipment – Dual-way Open Power Sliding Sunroof

      ● Dual-way open power sliding sunroof for Deluxe model.

      ● Sunroof visor with air vents.

      ● Metal sun visor

    • Comfortable Equipment – Driver Express Down/up Power Window

      ● 4-door power windows for all models.

      ● Driver express down/up power window for all models.


    • Comfortable Equipment – Sun Visors With Vanity Mirrors

      ● Sun visors with vanity mirrors for all models. Comfortable equipment – Sun visors with vanity mirrors

      ● Sun visors with illuminated vanity mirrors for Elite and Deluxe models.


    • Engine Start Stop System

      ● Equipped in deluxe version (MT)

      ● Saving  5%0-8% fuel in city road

      ● Rear equipment in same class models

      ● Engine  flameout during the traffic jam

      ● Equipped high quality accessories

      Work conditions
      A\ Started by driver:

      ● On neutral gear (or press clutch pedal to bottom during shifting) ;

      ● Press brake pedal to bottom and the vehicle speed is lower than 3.5km/h

      B\ Automatic start during sliding:

      ● On neutral gear (or press clutch pedal to bottom during shifting) 

      ● Press brake pedal and the vehicle speed is over 3.5km/h. 



    • EPS

      ● All versions equipped with EPS

      ● The only standard equipment in  same class models

      ● Saving 3%-5% fuel in city road

    • DVVT

      ● Equipped DVVT

      ● Saving 5% fuel consumption, raising up 10% power


    • Lightweight of Engine

      ● Aluminum alloy cylinder head

      ● Resin cylinder head

      ● Resin inlet manifold

      ● Stainless steel inlet manifold

      ● Lower vehicle weight, fuel consumption and engine noise


    • Power Output
    • MT Transmission Equipment

      ● Manual model with Germany 5 speed MT transmission

      ● Equipped three cone synchronizer

      ● More smooth shifting

    • AT Transmission Equipment

      ● POWERTECH imported from Korea

      ● 5AT transmission

      ● Better handling, stronger power and lower consumption




    • 1.8T+6AT golden power combination(1)

      1\High performance turbo 1.8-litre engine
      2\DVVT technology
      3\electricity-spraying fuel supply system from Germany.
      4\maintenance-free silent chain
      5\Max. power:138KW/5500rpm
      6\Max. torque:230Nm/1800-4500rpm

    • 1.8T+6AT golden power combination (2)


      1\6AT manual-automatic transmission
      2\with manual mode
      3\original packing from South Korea


      behalf of client

      1\Short gap length between gears makes shifting smooth and brings full of fun in driving.
      2\Imported with original impact brings insurance quality
      3\efficient power-shift transmission


    • New turbo 1.8-litre engine

      1\turbo charger from MITSUBISHI
      <1>one of the world four largest turbo charger factory 
      <2>supplier for BMW Z4 and VW GOLF
      <3>time delay flameout protection device
      2\more than 10 million kilometers road test
      <1>40 months for R&D
      <2>more than 10 million kilometers real car duration test

    • Lower consumption for trubo 1.8-liter engine
      1\Bosch EFI(electronic fuel injection) fuel supply system
      <1>world famous vehicle R&D center
      <2>new ME7188 electric spray fuel supply system
      <3>delicate control
      2\double iridium spark plug
      <1>center electrode and  side electrode iridium material
      <2>ensure sparking performance under large inlet air
      3\Fuel consumption : 8.4L/100mails
    • Less maintenance for turbo 1.8-liter engine

      1\maintenance-free timing chain
      <1>more durable than timing belt
      <2>life long non-maintaining
      2\use regular grade gasoline and common engine oil
      <1>use grade 3 gasoline
      <2>use common SL engine oil

    • Platform Background

      ● Pure USA SUV platform

      ● Comfort——Four wheel independent suspension 

      ● Perfect balance between movement and comfort

      ● Min. ground clearance is 180mm

      ● Front wheel base is 1550mm,Rear wheel base is 1530mm


    • Advantages of Platform


    • Professional Suspension Tuning

      ● Front McPherson suspension (with horizontal steady beam)

      ● Smaller engine space and car body front area to create better balance

      ● Rear multi-link suspension

      ● Better side support and vibration absorb


    • Technological equipment – GRA Cruise Control System

      ● Start cruise control: ON/OFF button → set speed → start cruise control when the system confirms

      ● Cancel cruise control: press CANC button or slightly apply the brake → cruise control is cancelled


      ● Do not use cruise control in non-closed and complicated road conditions.

      ● Do not use cruise control in rainy, snowy or icy days.

      ● Do not use cruise control on lancets or in the road with many curves.  

      ● Do not use cruise control when there are many vehicles.


    • Active Safety – Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

      Through braking on every single wheel to compensate the baleful yawing moment in over-steering, ESP makes the vehicle to be driven in a controlled safe manner all the time. When there is over-steering, the vehicle will be adjusted back to normal status.


      With the data returned by ESP sensors to find out the trend of under-steering and eliminate the danger caused by less steering angle through braking on every single.




    • Active Safety – Traction Control System (TCS)

      ● Equipped with TCS.

      ● Prevent the drive wheels from skidding easily when accelerating.

      ● Improve climbing ability.

      ● Prevent skidding when accelerating on wet, snowy or icy roads.


    • Passive Safety – 3H Body

      ● Equipped boron steel 3H body

      ● Sealed load supporting type body

      ● Fully ensure the escape space for passengers while crashing and lower related impact power


    • Passive Safety – collapsible steering column

      ● Equipped collapsible steering column

      ● Avoid the impact to driver’s chest and legs


    • Passive Safety – Active head restraint

      ● Driver active head restraint is adopted in Deluxe AT model.

      ● Prevent neck injury in rear end collision.


    • Passive Safety – Trunk Emergency Unlock

      Trunk emergency unlock switch-mechanic manual


    • Information Safety – Day/night Interior Rearview Mirror With TPMS Display

      ● Auto-dimming interior rearview mirror for all models.

      ● Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) for all models.

    • Information Safety – Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS)

      All models are equipped with TPMS. TPMS will avoid the security risk in high speed caused by low pressure and provide safety environment through rear-time monitoring tires pressure and alarming when the tire pressure is abnormal. 


    • Information Safety – Auto-dimming Interior Rearview Mirror

      When driving in the evening, the glare of the high beam from the car behind will dazzle the driver with the reflection of the rearview mirror and slow the driver’s response. The auto-dimming function can eliminate this danger. 

    • Information Safety – 4-sensor Reversing Radar

      ● 4-sensor reversing radar.

      ● Audio mute when reversing.