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    • “Tiger Shark” Design
      The new haima SUV-S5 represents the young and fashionable style, attracting the passengers with the sharp corner lines.
      It is the trend of SUV with the Italian design
    • Wise Front Grille-Shark Mouth Type
      The shark mouth type front grille brings you the extremely ocular strike, and makes you young, shining and different from other SUVs.
    • Wise Front Grille-Flying Sea Gull Chromate Headlamp
      The flying sea gull is the best annotation of  the headlamp of S5 with the “white lamp brow "and “Chromate eyeliner”.
    • LED Daytime Running Lamp

      Satisfied with the  Safety standard in Europe
      Improve the episematic level in day time effectively.
      Leading the trend of fashion


    • Traveller Travel Bracket
      Traveller Luggage rack, meet the needs with passengers like outdoor training.
    • Mirror with LED Turn Signal Lamp
      Exterior rearview mirror with LED turn signal lamp, fashionable and safe.
      Power adjusting and heating will make your journey safer and  smoother.
    • Sharp Waistline Design
      Streamlined profile figures stand out the particular tridimensional sense of beauty
      The up-ward lines make the waistline more sportive.
      Reduce the windage.
    • Water Waving Chromed Side Body Kit
      Water waving chromed side body kit is the most advanced dynamic design.
      High-quality of the cross-country parts, protecting the cars.
    • Low Windage Coefficient
      The best windage coefficient is 0.34cd
      Compared to other competitors, S5 has the lower drag coefficient which saves more cost of gasoline and stabilization of driving.
    • Dynamic Aluminum Alloy Hub
      Dynamic aluminum alloy hub:awe-inspiring, expanding, attractiveness in every details
    • The Shark Fin Antenna Dynamic Tail
      The shark fin antenna:dynamic,better looking and lower drag coefficient.
      Dynamic tail:only improving the stability when you are in driving, but also give you a better motion of visual impact.
    • Bat-winged Tail Lamp
      Bat-winged tail lamp:irregular shapes,full of future senses.
    • Rear signature Line
      The fruity rear lines are linked perfectly with the red and white tail lamp.
      Consecutive tail signature line: tighten the outline of the tail stock visually, and improve the power of the car.
    • Flying Shaped Center Console
      Origin from the inspiration of  flying beauty, showing the comfortable feeling and releasing more space for the legs in front seats.
    • Piano Painted Control Panel
      Piano Painted Control Panel is the perfect combination of elegancy and grace .
      Delectated Chromate Decorations: promoting the sport quality by heart designing.
    • Double Barrel TFT Instrument Panel

      Double barrel embedded design brings the charming streamline and autoluminescence devising which makes the status easily read.
      The central intelligent driving computer  displays rich information about the condition of the road, makes the travelling more convenient.


    • Double-colored Sport Chair

      The passion from the color orange, the mystery from the color black, the two key elements form the SUV.
      The mixing-up is the trend in next season.


    • Fashionable and Multifunctional Steering Wheel
      Multifunctional steering wheel is covered with punching cutis, which has a great touching. At the place of the  3 o’clock and 9 o’clock are decorated with the Asian light panel which stresses the sportive spirit.
    • Environment Slush-molding Technology

      The advantage of slush-molding products:
      1\Not easily deformed     
      2\Long-term usage    
      3\Large density makes better product
      The fractures of environmental materials :
      1\Flame Retardant Resins
      2\Strengthening and toughening resin
      3\Plastic alloy
      4\Micro fiber material

      The overall S5 is covered with the materials which produced by the technology of slush molding.
      The body is covered by the environmental materials and high level cutis.

    • NVH Mute of 40 dB Theater Level
      S5  produced with the soundproof materials which designed by the NVH mute technology low weight stuffs. It makes this SUV match the needs of both quietness in high speed and saving the gasoline.
    • human-touch Personalized Driving- Ergonomic Seats
      Comfortable front seats, front seat height is adjustable, driver‘s seat, with 6 range adjustment, the codriver mat has 4 azimuth adjustment, to meet the different needs of passengers figure.
      Equipped with safety headrest, soften the impact of spine and neck bearing, to prevent damage in head and neck.
      With large area of human engineering rest pedal.
    • Automatic Temperature Control and Pollen Purification
      Automatic constant temperature air conditioning system, through the detection of the interior, exterior environment temperature, and the temperature of sunlight intensity on the passenger cabin to make corresponding adjustment, controlled by multi sensors, precise temperature adjustment. Contains a defrosting, and automatic temperature control and pollen purification, comfortable, clean, healthy indoor environment for occupants in vehicle construction.
    • Window Lift Control Integration
      Auto-lifting window
      The one key button and anti-nip by driver side
      Protect the passengers in the car, especially for the children.
    • Auto Roof Window
      Slide and tilt the dual mode design
      Allocated with the MT sun visor, to protect the direct sunshine and add more fun when driving.
      Safe with one key button.
    • 12V Emergency Power for Outdoors
      The charger placed on the right-back pedal in the luggage trunk.
      Ensure a better condition for the travelers.
      Useful and meet all the needs.
    • Luggage space
      The assembling of the seats can form different types of storage.
      Perfect proportion of the height, width and depth of the trunk boot: height:730mm, width:1100mm and depth: 870mm.
      The considerate design of the back seats for making the luggage.
      Strong practicability to meet all the needs.
    • 4-6 Segmentation Seat
      4-6 Segmentation Seat, can be laid down one side, or laid down all of them. This operation is easy and full of personalization.
      320L huge storage.
      The designation offers the passenger the  most comfortable experience and convenience.
    • S-Power - Advanced core technology
      1.6L VIS+5MT(with VVT)
      Equipped with high class sedan VIS (variable intake manifold system) and VVT (variable valve timing), efficiently improved engine power performance under different rotation and created more smooth power output, easier driving and lower fuel consumption .
    • Lightweight of engine body
      Engine lightweight design:
      1\Aluminum engine body 
      2\Resin cylinder head cover, polymer resin material is 50% lighter than casting iron material
      3\Resin manifold has more smooth inside surface, which makes more smooth air intake
      4\Reduce vehicle weight, lower fuel consumption
      5\Efficiently lower engine noise
    • Engine Reverse Technology

      Engine Reverse technology
      1\Advantages:Lower intake air temperature and air resistance, improve air intake volume and enhance engine efficiency ;
      2\The models equipped with engine reverse technology are Land Rover – Aurora, Audi – Q3 and so on.

    • Integrate timing Tech
      Maintenance-free timing chain
      1\Jump teeth and fracture occurrence probability is rear, which ensure reliable transmission and high engine durability
      2\Saving space to make more reasonable engine layout
      3\Maintenance-free system, because the hardness of metal in much higher than rubber, a rubber chain need to be change in every 80000-100000 Km, in this comparison, using timing chain will  reduce maintenance charge.
    • Engine stability
      Adopt cylinder head priority cooling, cylinder body shallow water sleeve and fix lubrication, three advanced technology, improved cylinder cooling performance, quicker engine warm-up enhanced  emission and fuel consumption. All above improved engine stability , engine durability  and vehicle fuel consumption.
    • Idle start/stop technology
      Idle start/stop technology:
      1\Save 5%-8% fuel consumption in city road
      2\Advanced equipment in same class
      3\Automatic cease engine during the traffic jam
      4\Ensure electrical entertainment system  in normal work condition
      5\High quality accessories
    • ME788 engine torque control system

      VIS- Variable Intake Manifold System
      Advantages: VIS can change the pipe length or cross-sectional area, to enhance burning efficiency,  make engine runs  more smooth in low rotation, provide more torque  and  more dynamic  and more powerful in high rotation.
      Haima S5 1.6L has Max. Power of 90KW/6000rpm and Max. Torque of 160Nm/4000rpm



    • Large size stable bar
      Large size stable bar, efficiently avoid vehicle lateral rolling and sliding during  turning. Optimizing ride comfort when the vehicle is turning to ensure regular driving safety.
    • Box type sub-frame
      May adopt stronger suspension to support more powerful engine
      Sub-frame size could cover whole engine cab, and provide better rigidity after connected with car body
      May save more space for engine cab
      Through re-management of side beam, it could better control the engine locus and absorb a part of impact  power 
      As the whole engine bottom is located in sub-frame, if the height of ground clearance design is lower than height of power strain, the power strain shall be well protected.
    • Four wheels independent suspensions:
      Four wheels independent suspensions:
      Front suspension:advantage s of McPherson: smaller space occupy, lighter weight and flexible handling
      Rear suspension:advantages of multi-link suspension:it could improve the smooth and comfort feeling  of acceleration and braking during driving. Also to ensure the straight line driving stability and excellent damping effect
    • ESC- vehicle electronic stability system

      ESC- vehicle electronic stability system
      Since 2006, the U.S. government forced the installation of ESP for all new cars
      Since 2006, the EU government forced the installation of ESP for all new cars

      The percentage of rolling over accident occurrence for the vehicles equipped with ESC reduce about: 56%


    • EDL-electronic differential lock
      Only model with standard equipment of EDL in same class 
      Improve stability performance of ESC
      Make more accurately turning under high speed
      Significantly reduce under steering tendency
      Faster and better turning capability
    • MASR+MSR
      MASR+MSR torque and acceleration skid control techniques
      MASR by reducing the throttle opening to reduce the power output or by the brake control wheels slipping  to achieve traction control of the car.
      MSR to prevent the engine from sudden appearance of a greater resistance and drive wheels of a sudden drop in the road surface friction coefficient
    • HLA- Hill start assist system

      The vehicle automatically senses it is on the ramp when the driver releases the brake, the vehicle will automatically maintain the 1.5 seconds of braking force when the driving force is gradually increased, the braking force is reduced accordingly to avoid danger slipping


    • Bosch 9.0ABS+EBD
      When a emergency brake happened on the wet road, ABS will be started
      Recognize wheel lock status
      Reduce tire braking pressure
      Avoid obstacles and reduce the speed
      Quick avoidance to ensure safety


    • AUX of 360°Intelligent Driving

      When pressing the BVS button, LCD displays front view+ panorama—back view + panoramic—left view + panoramic—right view+ panoramic— front view + panorama

    • Rear view function

      Condition:Reversing gear (auto-start)
      AVM displays panoramic + rear view, and static car accessory line (semitransparent), The  distance of this car subordinating

      red rear bumper is 0-1M, yellow represents the distance rear bumper is 1M-2M; green distance rear 2M-3M; both sides line

      width distance is 2.4M (for the left and right rearview mirror outside the margin of difference place); press BVS key,

      turned around, warning lights, the picture is not switching


    • C-NCAP 5 stars standard
      Haima S5’s development  adopts C-NCAP 5 stars standard , with an academic performance in collision safety test, which beyond C-NCAP 5 stars standard, efficiently reduces the damage and injury in traffic accidents, gains customers’ confidential
    • High stiffness and energy absorbing frame body
      9% super high strength plate, 60% high strength plate and 31% normal plate
      Haima S5 ‘s car  body use high strength material with a high density and hard features, which could provide great collision energy absorption while also maintaining maximum carrying capacity. Vehicle body structure loads under various conditions, no matter of the front or rear or side collision, the car body can effectively resolve the energy transfer, and ensure the passengers will not be harmed
    • Collapsible frame
      The design of collapsible frame has maximum improved collapsible efficiency, absorbed 20% impact energy and remained the comprehensive structure for key section of car body, which provide passengers high protection.
    • Integrated stamping door
      Integrated stamping door  use hot stamping molding technology  to achieve integrated stamping , Anti collision strength and intensity of anti-twisting of whole steel plate is better than ordinary bearer spot welding doors
    • Anti collision beam
      Haima S5 adopts four doors anti collision beams, it will provide a buffer area when a side impact crash of 1500Mpa is happened, which could efficiently protect the passengers
    • 4 sensors reverse radar
      With reverse image function, which  can help driver to know well about obstacles around,  solve troubled parking and helps the driver to remove the dead and blurred vision problems and improve driving safety
    • Dimming rearview mirror
      When driving at night, the light beam illuminated  from the cars in behind will reflex through the rearview mirror to the driver's eyes, which will cause glare, and the driver will be affected by dazzling light in a glittering moment, with slow body response. Smart anti-glare function can easily eliminate this glare danger
    • ESC Electronic stability control
      ESC controller and air bags controller are integrated,  and compare with the other models which equipped control unit in the engine cab, Haima S5 equipped control unit in the central of vehicle, which could provide more precisely control  in case of large angle sliding, collision, side crash, rolling over and so no  during driving, also, the air bag controller will receive the signal to  launch the air bags to provide passengers maximum protection
    • Bosch 9.0ABS+EBD
      When the vehicle is braking at the wet road condition, the ABS will start work
      Recognize wheel lock status
      Repeated changes in the wheel brake pressure Assist the driver steering, fast avoidance to ensure safety
    • Rear door children lock+ ISOFIX

      Rear door children lock :Avoid child open the doors, provide the best protection for children and driving
      ISOFIX (L/R double interfaces  with EU standard):Haima S5 has two set of ISOFIX  interfaces, could quickly fixed the children seats to the connection points


    • Automatic anti-thief-Engine ECU

      ECU anti-thief system could ensure only the authorized keys can star the engine, avoid  vehicle lost.


    • Multi-emergency protection -6 air bags

      Dual front airbags, side airbags, side curtain airbags and pretensioner seat belts , provide passengers comprehensive protection.


    • Front seat belt pretensioner

      To provide the best protection, the driver seat and other front seats equipped with pretensioner seat belts. In case the middle or big front crash are occurred, air bag and seat belt will be started together, and after air bag  is finish operation, the seat belts will gradually lose tension
      Driver seat belt dual-way pertensioner



    • Multi-emergency protection -SFD
      SFD(safe for driver)  collision active control provide automatically unlocking, collision fuel shut up, dual blinking alarm and other intelligent safety protection.
    • Trunk escape function
      Haima S5’s trunk emergency unlock lever is located at inside of left rear lamp, plus the foldable rear seats, which provide  the escape function