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    • M5 is a strategic vehicle of Haima in the era of Haima 2.0+
    • Highly polished surface hub
    • New color:Kylin Gold
    • Fashionable and gorgeous car body
      1、Wind craft design
      2、Comfortable space
      3、Dynamic and delicacy interior

      4、Healthy and environmental material

    • 360° optimized equipment
      1、Automatic air condition
      2、Keyless entry & start/stop button
      3、Headlamp turn on/out by light sensation
      4、Leather steering wheel with multifunction control 
      5、Heating seats with 6-way adjustment, passenger waist pad
      6、Anti-pitch device for all windows & remote automatic up-down windows
      7、Anti-dazzle interior rearview mirror
      8、Power adjusting and heating exterior rearview mirror
      9、Rain-sensor-operated frameless wiper
      10、High quality stereo
      11、Hands-free bluetooth
      12、Power sunroof
      13、Headlight with function of time delay turn-out

    • HM-Link intelligent vehicle system
      Having three core parts of “Easy driving", "intelligent assistance” and “enjoy driving life”, and 13 unique and advanced competitive functions, makes drivers master the whole driving process more easily, change their life style essentially , and create a new era of “intelligent manufacture & high quality interconnection ”.

    • 1.5T+6AT golden engine combination
      Imported with original packing from South Korea, HPT 6-speed manual-automatic gearbox  has stable performance and smaller gear ratio.
    • Strong and running smooth power
      1\Natural aspiration engine 1.6-litre
      2\Turbo 1.5-litre
      3\6MT manual gearbox
      4\HPT 6AT automatic gearbox(Imported with original packing)  

    • 1.6L high-performance engine

      1\Aluminum VVT engine. Equips DOHC(double overhead camshaft)\variable intake manifold and VVT (variable valve timing system), namely it use electronic hydraulic control system to continually and efficiently control the switching time of intake valve, and make the engine have the best performance under any working condition. 

      2\High torque at low speed, strong power at high speed. VIS variable intake system, uses slender channel to increase the air pressure when the car is at a lower speed, for getting better atomization and combustion, and improve torque. On the contrary, in a higher speed, it will takes the stubby channel for a faster and more intake, and improve power;

      3\Smooth power running, lower fuel consumption. Max power get to 92kW, max torque get to 161 N.m , )Fuel Consumption (general, for reference only ): MT- 6.2L/100km,AT- 6.9L/100km;

    • New turbo 1.5-litre
      1\Getting max torque under 1800 revolution(rpm)
      2\Power exceed most 2.0L naturally aspirated engine
      3\Turbo technique
      4\With central cooling equipment
      5\Durability test: more than 2000 hours R&D test, more than 6000 hours platform durability test, more than 2000 miles  real vehicle durability test.

    • High performance gear box(imported with original packing)
      HPT 6-Speed manual-automatic gear box imported with original packing from South Korea, has stable performance and smaller gear ratio, 

    • Stable handling performance
      1\4-wheel independent suspension
      2\JTEKT EPS(electric  power steering)
      3\Electronic assistant system
      4\CTCC Sports car chassis
    • CTCC top class adjustment chassis

      The chassis of M5 is adjusted by Mr. Kunimasa Hisao who is famous in chassis adjustment(meanwhile M5 adopt TOKICO shock absorber),which shows strong assurance of champion in CTCC(China Turing Car Championship)

      As the only independent brand who won the championships among numerous joint venture brands, adjustment of chassis makes the performance of handling and comfort exceed other competitors in the same class.

    • C-NCAP 5-star safety standard
      Apr. 23th, 2014, the result of crash testing for the first batch of models has promulgated officially, 17  models jointed in this test,M5 got 5-star safety standard with the scores of 56.5, and get full marks for side-crash testing.